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Online Spray Tan Training

What is Spray Tanning? Spray tanning is an efficient way to get a bronzed glow for your skin. Spray tan helps out a person to get the desired tanning effect on his/her body without getting tanned in sunlight. Sunlight is indeed beneficial for the human body but only to an extent, overexposure of the body in direct sunlight can cause the body to absorb Ultra-Violet rays that are harmful to the skin and overall body for sure. Do you need Spray Tan training? Spray Tan Training is necessary to provide the best services to your clients. Your clients will rely on your professional experience to apply sunless tanning products evenly and to choose the right colour for their skin. So, it is really important to maintain your service standards in front of your customers. How will Spray Tan Training help you during Lockdown? Many regular esthetic programmes may not cover how to do skin tanning and spray tanning, so you may prefer to complete courses on your own after you have been certified. If you are looking for bronzing and sunless tanning training even in lockdown, don’t worry Sunless Solutions is here to help you! What we are offering? As we all know COVID-19 has disturbed our normal life routine. It has even become difficult to learn more skills. This is why Sunless Solutions has brought a great opportunity to learn Spray Tanning Online.  We aim to provide the best training during lockdown so that you can easily polish your Spray Tan skill at home without wasting time. We offer, when not in lockdown the following spray tan training options: • 1-2-1 training • Group training • Online training

We will help you learn: - Salon health, safety snd hygiene, COSHH - The scientist behind DHA

- Understanding your spray tan equipment  - Understanding Contra-indications  - Patch testing  - Pre tanning advice

- After care advice  - Practical assessment  Sunless Solutions believes that training with our Experienced Tutors is a perfect start to your journey in the spray tan industry. Even if you just want to revise your skills then we have an Online Spray Tan Training Course to fit your every need during lockdown.

How to Apply? In order to apply for an online course during the lockdown, Visit

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