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Are there any fake tans that don’t smell?


That fake tan smell, yes you know the one, the one that we all associate with a Fake tan. I’ve heard it described as rich tea or digestive biscuits chicken korma, a really strong curry scent! So, is there a fake tan out on the market that doesn’t smell of biscuits or curry?

Has the smell of a fake tan put you off, or made you consider putting a peg on your nose just so you could get away from that smell! I bet there’s a few other halves that have opted for the spare room or couch just because they hate the smell of fake tan on fake tan application night.

So is there really a fake tan out there that doesn’t smell?

Well, the answer to this is yes, Sunless Solutions fake tans don’t smell.

Our range of professional and self tanners combine a combination of luxury ingredients and a soft musky Fragrance to combat the fake tan smell making the Sunless Solutions range a fake tan that doesn’t smell.

So why does fake tan smell?

Back In the day older style spray tan and self tan products did smell due to the key Ingredient, the bit that actually gives you that sunless tan (makes you brown) dihydroxeacetone, or DHA as its best know as. It’s this product, the DHA, that actually reacts with the amino acids on your skin and the air and emits the smell that we dislike so much. Unfortunately the deeper the tan the more concentration of DHA used in the product, which usually means the stronger the ‘fake tan smell’.

Sunless Solutions have spray tan and self tan products that don’t smell and we even have express products that can we washed off.

So if you’ve disliked the smell of fake tan for years, then we’re pleased to tell you that the Sunless Solutions spray tan and self tan range does not smell of fake tan!

We are a fake tan smell free zone!

So, no pegs required for your next fake tan application, happy tanning


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