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Absolutely YES!

Carrying out a Client Consultation prior to a spray tan is important and it may form part of your insurance requirements when carrying out a spray tan treatment.

A Client Consultation for new clients should always be carried out, even existing clients should be checked for any changes to their skin, medication etc.

A Client Consultation Card gives the details of your client’s name and contact details, It also gives you a chance to check for contra-indications not mentioned when booking their appointment, it also gives you a chance to discuss what they are expecting from their spray tan. You client will sign the Consultation Card, giving approval for the treatment to commence.

What should you cover during your Client Consultation?

When a client books their spray tan, ideally you should send them information on how to prepare for their up-and-coming Spray Tan, so on the day of the tan there will be no hiccups, they are prepped for their perfect tan. However, do check the client has actually followed your instructions, the outcome of your professional work may just depend on client preparation!

Before the Spray Tan Treatment make sure you revisit your preparation advice

Sunless Solutions Consultation Cards ask the following questions:

Did you exfoliate 24hrs prior to your spray tan?

Exfoliating the skin prior to tanning, removes dead skin cells and creates a smooth surface for the tan to adhere to, it can also make the spray tan last longer.

Did you shave 24 hours prior to your spray tan?

Shaving prior to your spray tan will allow time for the pores to close, helping to stop ‘black spotting marks’ (this is where the colour guide/bronzer gets caught in the open pores). Shaving with a razor that has a moisturised strip is a real no-no on the day of a tan, the moisturised strip will act as a barrier and may cause streaking.

Have you showered prior to your appointment?

Showering on the day of a tan will remove any oils on the skin, a clean skin surface is always best for a tan, you can also check they have not used any highly moisturised products, such as Dove, which is a lovely moisturising product to use on the skin but plays havoc with a spray tan and can act as a barrier.

Have you applied deodorant prior to your spray tan?

Deodorant causes a chemical reaction between the colour guide/bronzer and will make the armpit area appear green in colour, although the green affect will wash off during post rinse, and the tan still develops, it looks really unsightly whilst your clients tan is processing.

Have they remembered to bring loose fitted clothes and flip flops?

Tight clothes whilst the tan is processing may cause a tan to rub and streaking may occur. Flip flops are ideal for after a tan as they stop the feet sweating and stop the tan rubbing off in this area.

Do they require a hair cap?

Bleached hair may absorb the colour of the tan, it’s always best to protect the hair. Brides sometimes don’t wash their hair as an up-do is slightly better when the hair is greasy, so you really want to protect the hair from any spray tan overspray.

Are their nails painted?

Natural nails overtime may absorb the spray tan product and turn the nail plate orange/brown, this can be removed with a soft grit, white buffing block. Clear nail varnish is a great way to protect natural nails from staining.

Client Safety and checking for contra-indications

Keeping your client’s safety in mind and protecting your client from any adverse reactions gives your spray tan business a truly professional approach.

Sunless Solutions recommend that you check the following prior to any spray tan:

Has a patch test been carried out?

24 hours prior to any spray tan, we advise a patch test is carried out. A simple patch test could highlight any potential reactions, pour a small amount of solution into the cap of your spray tan bottle, using a cotton bud apply a small amount behind the ear or in an area that is not on show (remember it will leave a tanned mark). If there is no reaction, then proceed with the spray tan.

Is your client Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Sunless Solutions does not recommend spray tanning ladies in the first trimester (the first 3 months) of pregnancy, hormones levels in the skin change during this time, the outcome or their reaction to a spray tan may have changed. We recommend breastfeeding ladies wear a strapless bra during treatment, to protect the babies whilst feeding.

Is your Client Diabetic or on Medication for other ailments?

Spray Tan Solution, the key ingredient DHA, the bit that makes you brown, is a simple sugar, derived from Sugar Cane, Sugar beets and the formation of Glycerine, we tell our Diabetic clients this, although no adverse reaction has been noted its always best to give your clients full information on products used. Medication can affect the outcome of a tan, please always check, if you are not sure ask you client to get a note from their Doctor to confirm it’s ok to proceed with a spray tan treatment.

Do they have any Respiratory issues?

A mask or nose filters should always be offered to your clients when spray tanning, working in a well-ventilated area and the use of an extractor unit is advised. Overspray from spray tanning can fill a room, clients with breathing issues may be affected by this.

Are they currently having IPL, Laser Hair Removal?

Skin undergoing Laser Hair removal should be free from any form of tan, be that from the sun or fake.

Any recent Aesthetic treatments (Anti-Wrinkle/Fillers)

Leave 48-72 hours after any aesthetic treatment before carrying out a spray tan.

Recently had Microblading, Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning?

We advise leaving the skin to heal for 4-6 weeks due to sensitivity before having a spray tan.

Recently had Body Piercings or Tattoos?

This area should be completely healed or covered before having a spray tan.

Do they have any Psoriasis or Dry Skin areas?

As long as the skin is not open, weeping or aggravated, then barrier cream can be applied to the affected areas to stop spray tan grabbing and making it appear darker or scaly in this area

Have they used Self-tan/Spray tan Products before?

A client that has used products before may want to adjust the strength of the tan previously used, they might want it lighter or darker. They may have had an experience that they didn’t like or loved, this is your chance to put their mind at rest and tell them what a true professional you are.

The safety of Sunless Solutions Customers is paramount and the advice we give is to the best of our knowledge.


Happy Tanning

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