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Fake tan tips that work to achieve a flawless tan

Fake tanning at home is a great way to achieve a flawless tan, a perfect way to ensure your ready for lockdown release on the 12th April 2021

Sunless Solutions has put together their top 12 tips for fake tanning at home, top tips to help you achieve a flawless self tan.

Our top 12 tan tips will guarantee your skin feels and look like it’s had the perfect glow ready for spring and for lockdown release.

Sunless Solutions top fake tan tips:

  1. Exfoliate in the shower with an exfoliating glove, we recommend moving in circular motions around the body to achieve maximum results. Or, why not try a body brush or coffee scrub. Removing dead skins that have built up on the skin’’s surface will help to ensure your new self Tan glides on with ease and creates the perfect glow.

  2. Moisturise any dry areas such as elbows and knees. The elbows and knees can particularly dry and can soak up lots of moisturiser. Hydration is key to achieving an even tan on these areas

  3. Protect your finger nails and toe nails. Natural nails can soak up tanning products making them appear brown or orange in colour, not a nice look especially when flip flop season is just around the corner. A simple coat of nail polish will help stop this from happening. Clear or a coloured nail polish will both work effectively

  4. Protect the eyebrows and hairline from absorbing the tan and staining. We’ve all seen the tanned eyebrow look, it’s not the best look which can easily be avoided, just by following our simple steps. We recommend applying either petroleum jelly or using a clean mascara wand to prevent staining to the eyebrows or hairline

  5. Use a headband to push hair back allowing tan application right to the hairline, helping to create the perfect natural tan affect.

  6. Use a textured fake tan mitt, like the Sunless Solutions luxury velour self tanning mitt. Our tanning mitt, with an added thumb area, which helps to keep the glove safely on the hands and not pop off during application, has a sealed liner to ensure no leakage occurs and prevents staining to the hands during application. The velour finish helps to glide the self tan effortlessly onto the skins surface, easy application is guaranteed

  7. Never directly apply fake tan products to the hands, always use the excess products left on the mitt following body application and glide across the hands sparingly. Less is always more on the hands. Remember to clean the nail plate area, a baby wipe works wonders and even removes tan from the cuticles too

  8. The surface area of the face is small, self tan can catch and sit in creases creating a tan that is either too dark or appear patchy. Blending moisturiser into the face and décolletage helps to soften the tan in this area and make it easier to blend and create an even flawless finish

  9. Loose fitting clothes after your tan is highly recommend, avoid tight jeans, tight tops and socks that may cause sweating. One big no no is washing up the dishes, it will remove the tan from your hands, any excuse to get out of washing up is always good advice!

  10. After the advised processing time wash off the colour guide/bronzer thoroughly, leaving bronzer/colour guide on the skin may make it appear streaky or orange in tone, we recommend a wash off with gentle body wash and a soft sponge

  11. To prolong the life of your tan we don’t recommend long soaks in a bath, but a shower, minus the shower scrunchy which will exfoliate your tan off with speed. After your shower, pat dry and apply a rich moisturer to extend the life of your sunless tan

So now your a pro self tanner, why not try out some of the Sunless Solution self tan products, created to produce the perfect self tan at home


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