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Spray Tan Training Courses In Wiltshire

With our fingers crossed and our breaths held we are hoping that the beauty industry will be back to work on the 12th April 2021.


What better way to celebrate than attending a Sunless Solutions Spray Tan Training Course. Our first Spray Tan Training Course will be held in Wiltshire on the 4th May 2021, so if you’ve been looking for a Spray Tan Training course in the areas of Wiltshire, Bradford-on-Avon, Chippenham, Cricklade, Devizes, Malmsbury, Marlborough, Salisbury, Trowbridge, Westbury or Wilton we have the perfect Spray Tan Training Course available for you to attend and it’s right on your doorstep.

Our highly qualified tutor, Camilla Rogers, who holds many years of teaching experience will be running our first Spray Tan Training Course after lockdown. Camilla is the Owner and runs an established training school at a wonderful salon with excellent training facilities, Sunless Solutions are proud to have Melksham Beauty Clinic listed as one of their training centres.

Have you Ever wondered why some Spray Tan Technicians are successful?

What is the difference between them and you, have you ever sat there pulling your hair out and wondering why another spray tan therapist is doing so well? The difference may simply be in the Spray Tan Training they have received and their understanding of the industry.

Sunless Solutions pride themselves on delivering a full in-depth Spray Tan Training course and with over 20 years’ experience, the owner of Sunless Solutions, Lisa Young, has put all she knows into a 76-page spray tan training manual, who knew there was so much to learn right?

Spray Tanning has become one of the most popular methods of applying fake tan and is a great add on service for any salon or mobile based beauty therapist.

The Sunless Spray Tan Training course covers everything you need to get you started in the spray tan industry

What will the Spray Tan Training course actually cover?

The course will cover the following areas of spray tanning:

  • · COSHH, Patch Testing and Contra-indications

  • · DHA in the media

  • · Skin structure and how spray tan solution work on the skin

  • · Our Spray Tan Solutions

  • · Colour charts and choosing a solution to match your clients skin tone

  • · Spray tan equipment such as spray tan cubicles, Spray Tan machines, spray tan disposables

  • · Our new machine washable and tumble dry safe spray tan cubicle

  • · Preparing and setting up your equipment prior to tanning

  • · Frequently asked questions and Sunless Solution top tanning tips

  • · Public Liability Insurance

What will the benefits of attending the Sunless Spray Tan Training Course?

  • · LOTS OF REPEAT BUSINESS, we will teach you all you need to know and how to perform the perfect Spray tan

  • · YOU WILL BE AN EXPERT IN THE SPRAY INDUSTRY, you will gain all the knowledge you require to be top of the game in the spray tan industry

  • · YOU’LL HAVE CREDIBILITY AND PROFESSIONALISM IN THE SPRAY TAN INDUSTRY, Sunless Solutions Spray Tan Training course is accredited, which means you can gain insurance to cover your work

  • · EASY TO PROMOTE YOURSELF, Sunless Solutions will provide you will our images, logo and you can even add yourself to the Sunless Find a Therapist link, a free advert for your clients to find a qualified therapist in their area

  • · ON-GOING SUPPPORT, after your training there is a private Facebook group for our trainees to ask question’s they might not want their clients to see and once a month we will offer a zoom call to ask one of our tutors any questions you may have following your Spray Tan Training Course

So what are you waiting for, Melksham is the first area we will be holding a spray tan training course at on the 4th May, courses are limited to 6 participants per course, so hurry and book your course today!

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