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The Best Spray Tan Solution on the Market and Why?


Sunless Solutions Professional Spray Tan Solution and Self-tan range was created by Lisa Young whom, previously trained on a spray tan course back in the year 2000. After a few years of tanning and not being entirely happy with the products on the market, Lisa set about looking to create a tan that gave the perfect finish and not the ‘orange’ tone commonly associated with tanning products and a product that didn’t dry out the skin.

In 2006, Sunless Solutions was born, a business that supplied Professional spray tan solution, self-tan and this came hand in hand with a Spray Tan Training Course.

A spray tan solution and a spray tan training Course with a difference! Lisa had developed a spray tan solution that was indistinguishable from a real tan, sprayed seamlessly, fool-proof, streak -free, no nasty ‘tan smell’ and without the hint of ‘orange’ undertones, in essence, a clean solution.

Lisa was determined to ensure the Sunless Solutions Professional Spray Tan Solution and self-tan products had a gentle ingredients list, that was kinder to the skin and top of the list was to supply a Professional Spray Tan Solution to the market that was Paraben free, Sulphate Free, Vegan Friendly and not tested on animals, to which she delivered upon.

The Sunless Solutions brand is made up of passion for their Professional Spray Tan Solution, and self-tan products and strive to deliver quality. Lisa’s in-depth knowledge of the spray tan industry has led to, probably, one of the best Spray tan training programmes there is out there today.

So what makes the Sunless Solutions professional Spray tan Solution so good, maybe it’s the fact its:






Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the main ingredient in any spray tan solution or self-tan products, DHA is a colourless power that interacts with the skins amino acids to produce a browning effect, DHA is not visible on the skin and this is why most spray tan companies add a cosmetic bronzer to their spray tan solution or self-tan range.

Some people get very confused, and I’ve seen many spray tan forums with the same question being asked, is DHA brown? Well the answer to this is NO, as mentioned above it’s a colourless product. To explain the myth most companies that manufacture spray tan solution or self-tan products generally add a bronzer or colour guide (they are the same thing, just different terminology) to their spray tan solutions or self-tan range.

Adding a bronzer/colour guide to Spray Tan Solution or Self-tan products works well as it not only gives the recipient of the spray tan or self-tan product an immediate colour, ‘you appear brown immediately’ but it also allows a Spray Tan Therapist to be see exactly where they are spray tanning, I refer to this as ‘Spray it, See it, Chase’, because any good therapist will know that it’s imperative to chase that tan down the clients body in a smooth even flow, if you can’t see it then maybe you would ask yourself, ‘am I too far away’ or ‘is my gun open enough’?

So let’s re-cap Bronzer and DHA


  • · A Blend of cosmetic dyes

  • · Acts as a temporary staining agent on the skin for colour correction purposes

  • · Will be immediately visible after spray tan application

  • · Will fully rinse off within the first few showers

  • · Mainly serves as an application colour guide and to provide instant gratification


  • · A colourless power

  • · The active ingredients within tanning products that interacts with the skins amino acids to produce a browning effect

  • · It is not immediately visible on the skin after spray application

  • · Can take up to 24 to fully develop (yes, your tan does continue to develop over 24 hrs!)

  • · Generally last on the skin 7-10 days until exfoliated off


Yes, unfortunately the main ingredient in any spray tan solution is actually very drying to the skin, so how did Sunless Solutions combat this in their professional and self-tan range?

We firstly added, Aloe Vera to our Spray Tan Solution and self-tan range. Aloe Vera has a cooling effect on the skin and helps to add moisture to the skin. Aloe Vera has been reported to help fight the signs of skin-aging, reduces infection and can also help with acne. Aloe vera is mostly made up of water and helps to hydrate the skin without the feeling of being greasy and helps to lock moisture into the skin.

We also include Green and White Tea extracts into our Spray Tan Solution and self-tan range, White Tea protects the skin from cell damage, has a high level of antioxidants and Green Tea extracts can truly be a miracle, it helps to improve your skin’s natural moisture, reduce inflammation and puffy skin.


Yes, that smell we all speak about, I have heard it referred to as smelling like a rich tea biscuit or curry, well it’s the DHA in the Spray tan Solution or self-tan product that gives it the “Tan smell”. To combat the smell (I hear that even our other halves complain about it) we have added a light musk fragrance to our Professional Spray Tan Solution and self-tan range.

Musk is a class of aromatic substances commonly used in perfumery, with sweet undertones. The Musk scent is soft, musky and somewhat unisex, clean, delicate and comforting with a very fresh but not overpowering laundry floral scent.

So we have done our best to give you a fragrance in our Spray Tan Solution and self-tan range that doesn’t make you smell like a chocolate biscuits, strawberry mousse or a bar of soap!


We all know that spray tanning or self-tanning can be a messy job, so there was no way that I wanted to supply my Spray Tan Solution or self-tan range in white bottles with white labels, yes ,we did originally start off with the common white bottle and labels for our spray tan solution and self-tan range but quickly listened to our client’s feedback and opted for a black bottle with a quality black label.

Our labels are produced to a high standard, laminated and produced with a matt black finish, so even if you drop spray tan solution or self-tan down our bottles it won’t ruin the labels, it simply wipes off, what more could you ask for in such a messy environment.


So if you are looking to switch brands maybe it’s the right time to switch to the Sunless Solutions professional spray tan or self-tan range. Check out our website for some amazing deals, we look forward to having you onboard.


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