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Reopening after lockdown for mobile spray tanners and beauty salons is just around the corner, the excitement is building, and your diaries are filling up quickly, with this in mind Sunless Solutions wanted to share their top tips for preparing to reopen your sunless spray tan business after lockdown.

It been almost a year without using your Spray Tan Solution, Spray Tan Equipment and your Spray Tan kit bag, so now is a good time to have a look and get prepared so you can hit the ground running!

Check your stock

We know it’s been almost a year since we opened our beauty bags and salons, so now's a great time to blow away the cobwebs and get sorted.

Pop open the lid of your Sunless Spray Tan Solution and pour a small amount of tanning solution into the lid, grab a small piece of kitchen roll and pour the spray tan solution onto the tissue.

You are looking to check the guide colour for any green tinges. Its normal for the spray tan solution once poured onto the tissue to have a greenish colour around the edges but the main part should appear brown, don’t worry the green is just the colour guide.

If the solution does appear slightly green this is the cosmetic bronzer dropping out, it’s still safe to use, but we would suggest you save this for you own use or freebies for friends and family, they won’t mind a slight green hue!

However, if the solution is looking, somewhat like it could turn your clients into the Hulk type character, then it really is time to ditch this Spray Tan Solution and contact Sunless to place an order for some new stock. Why not take advantage of our Back to Business Solution Pack starting from £69.00 for 4 litres of spray tan solution, this is nearly 50% off the list price!

Oh gosh, I nearly forget to say don’t forget to check your Barrier Cream, Sticky Feet, Hair nets, Thongs Masks or nose filters to make sure you have enough stock. If you don’t, then we have stock ready to dispatch next day on all disposable spray tan items.

Is your spray tan gun clean?

This piece of equipment is just as important as your spray tan solution, your spray tan machine is your second self, your go to for any spray tan, so make sure it’s cleaned out thoroughly, looking shiny and hygienic in appearance and ready for some serious action!

Cleaning your spray tan machine couldn’t be easier, take your spray tan solution cup and pour hot water inside, careful not to scald yourself. Now, spray into a sink, bath or even your pop-up spray tan cubicle and spray the hot water through the gun.

You will need to run the hot water through the gun for at least 3-4 minutes, this will make sure, any debris that has built up inside the gun will be flushed through. Blockages, debris or a build-up of solution can hinder the spray tan guns performance, and could result in your gun spitting or seizing up. Cleaning your gun out thoroughly will make sure it delivers a flawless finish to your spray tans, flawless tans, means happy clients!.

Wipe down the hose with a warm damp cloth to remove any overspray that’s collected on the hose. Overspray can make your hose sticky and creates a great dust collector, making it look unsightly for customers.

Oh, don’t forget, the filters in your spray tan machines. Remove, run under hot water to remove any spray tan solution that may have built up, dry and replace prior to use.

Spray Tan Cubicles

Spray tan cubicles get really sticky after prolonged use and eventually they don’t smell really great either, so checking your spray tan tent is important prior to use.

If you have a wired pop-up spray tan cubicle then you have a couple of options.

Pop up your spray tan cubicle and take Into the garden and give it a good hose down, clean out any excess spray that is left inside and leave to dry, remember to weigh it down with something heavy so your tent doesn’t blow away into the next-door neighbour’s garden when drying. Alternatively, you might be able to take it to the local car wash and jet wash the spray tan cubicle down. Remember to wash the spray tan cubicle bag as well.

If your, lucky enough to have a machine washable spray tan cubicle then there is no need to wait for a dry day or stand in the garden hosing it down, the Tan in Tent goes into the washing machine and tumble dryer. Just remove the integral blower and pop into the washing machine on a cool wash, and then give it an extra spin and straight it into the tumble dryer, hey presto a clean and fresh smelling tent!

Open your Diary up, Check in on your clients and tell the world your taking bookings

After lockdown at lot of Therapist have looked at their lives and thought about living it slightly different, some will extend their working day, and some have spoken about shortening their days, and plan to take the odd day off here and there to spend quality time with their family. Ensure you have checked your diary and organised it to suit your new life-style.

You may have kept a list of clients you booked in from the last promised lockdown release, you remember that time when we got all excited, but it never went to plan, and clients had to be cancelled. If you were super organised and kept that list make sure to revisit it and make contact with your clients and get them booked in!

Get yourself onto social media such as Facebook and Instagram and let your clients know your back very soon, remind them how amazing you are, and yes you are all truly amazing, they will have missed you. Let them know about any deals you have on to kick start you way back to work, you may just gain a completely new client base by just pushing your yourself and your fantastic deals on social media.



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