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Do you Suffer with Spray Tanners Thumb?

What is Spray Tanners Thumb?

I know you might all read the title of this blog and think… What is this crazy lady talking about, there is no such thing as Spray Tanners Thumb?  Well in one respect you are right as I made up this little title for what seems like a really common problem in the spray tan world.

Over the past 20 years of tanning I have either been asked about it or seen blogs and answered peoples questions on why this may have happened to their client’s hand?

So let’s take a look at Spray Tanners Thumb

I can hear loads of Spray Tan Experts saying “now I know what she is talking about!”

So as a professional spray tan therapist we do the perfect spray tan, we have applied barrier cream to the palms of the hands, we’ve wiped off the barrier cream after the tan application, we have buffed the hands and the wrist area so we eliminate any cut off lines or excess tan on the hands.  We all know the hands can be one of the problematic areas to master when you first start your journey in the spray tan industry.  So after all the prep and the aftercare why do we get these funny marks just along the thumb area when you have been so careful to make sure the hands are perfect?

Well the problem generally lies with your client, watch as they get dressed, they pull up their knickers/trousers/leggings etc. and their thumb is running up the outside of their leg to pull up their clothing, sometimes they even have tight jeans on (even though you have advised them against this) and you see them struggling with their thumbs inside the waist of their jeans/trousers getting covered in the tan you have just sprayed.

It might look harmless as they do this, even though you’ve not left them wet from tan over spray the colour guide/bronzer is there just waiting to transfer on to the thumb area as we drag the thumbs up the leg to get dressed.  Remember ladies most clients wear their tan for 8 hours whilst it fully processes and within this time they will be going to the toilet, again their thumbs are running up and down their leg as they take their clothing up and down.  Within the first hour the bronzer will easily transfer.

8 hours later your client washes off the guide colour wondering why this has happened to their hands and gets straight on the phone to you sending you pictures.

So I tell all my new clients my little story about Spray Tanners Thumb and low and behold the ones that have had tans with other therapists say “omg yes this happened to me and I wondered why”.  The best things is the next time I see them they tell me that it worked, their thumbs/hands were perfect.

I just wanted to share my experiences with you and even if I pass my knowledge on to one person then this blog has all been worth my time.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read.

Happy tanning



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