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Perfecting your sunless self tan!

It’s official, from Thursday 4th November Boris has announced a second lockdown. So sad for everyone and their businesses and that also means we are left to tan ourselves at home!

There is no way we want to be locked down at home and be milk bottle white too!  We owe it to ourselves to maintain a level of self tan, not only does it make your skin look amazing it also makes your feel good about yourself, we all need a little bit of self love in these weird times!

Here’s our step by step guide to gaining the most amazing and natural Sunless self tan.

24 hours before - prep for your perfect self tan 

Step 1. Exfoliate 

I can't stress enough the importance of Exfoliating your skin prior to any tan, removing dead skins cells helps give a smooth gorgeous glow and will increase the longevity of your self tan. Remember to do this a day before as most exfoliants contain oils, these can act as a barrier and prevent the skin from tanning.

Step 2. Shave / Wax

Shaving or wax 24 hours prior to a spray tan or self tan is recommend, this allows time for your pores to close and eliminates black dotting, this can happen when the tan can get caught up in open pores.  Razors with an aloe/moisturising strip is a NO NO on the day of your tan.  If you use this type of razor make sure you thoroughly remove any residue left behind, failure to do this may cause streaking.

On the day of your tan

Step 1. Shower but do not use any products that contain oil.  We highly recommend that you do not use Dove products, body wash, shampoo or conditioners, these are highly moisturised and can act as a barrier to the tan.

Step 2. No make up, perfume or deodorant should be applied, try coating natural nails with a clear polish to stop staining of the nail plates. 

Step 3 . Moisturise lightly any areas that are dry such as elbows, knees, tops of feet and maybe hands. 

Step 4. Use our luxury velour self tan mitt to apply the Sunless Solutions Express Mousse. Our mitt is amazing as it’s fully lined and the velour texture helps to glide your tan smoothly onto your body. 

Step 5. Starting from the bottom half of your body apply a small amount of the Sunless Express Mousse onto our mitt, in small circular motions rub the tan fully into that area, keep blending until the colour looks even and no steaks are present before moving on to the next section, we recommend using the residue on the mitt to do the feet and hand areas.  You can also use a blending brush to blend the hands and feet, remember less is more on these areas.

Step 6. Wait for the tan to dry before getting dressed,  loose fitting clothes are perfect during development to stop rubbing of your new tan. Wait 1-4 hours depending on the depth of colour you desire, wash off and wait for up to 8 hours for the colour to fully develop.  

I love the ease of the Express Mousse it means that I can get on with my day, put my Bra back on, tight jeans and not worry about the tan rubbing off.  The Sunless Express Mousse is superb for a busy lifestyle as it can be washed off 60 minutes after application, the longer your leave it on before washing off will determine the depth of colour your achieve. 

Extending the life of your self tan

Keep your skin well moisturised as this helps to prolong the life of your tan and stops it going patchy.  Apply body moisturiser every time you shower to help maintain your tan and lock in the colour.  Avoid hot showers as they can dry out your skin and fade the colour.

Removing your tan 

Your sunless tan should last 4-7 days depending on your skin type and how heavy the tan was applied.  Once the tan starts to breakdown your can speed up the process by using scrubs or exfoliants. Once completely removed you are ready to start the self tan process all over again.

Apply it . Fake it . Love it 

Love sunless xx

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