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Rapid V’s Standard Spray Tan Solution

We’ve all heard about the new and amazing 60 minutes express/rapid tans but many of us still don’t know how they work and how they differ from the standard spray that you wait 8 hours before washing off.

How many of you have had a client text you (even though you told them) “I’ve washed it off after 60 minutes and its disappeared, I have no tan”.  You then explain AGAIN to them how it works and then 8 hours later they text you again to say “the colour is amazing, I am really dark and love my tan”

The main difference is that with the Express/1HR tans they are designed so you can wash off the colour guide/bronzer after 60 minutes unlike the normal 8HR processing time, however, all spray tan solutions formulations from standard solutions to rapid 1HR formulations take 8 hours to fully develop (Rapid/1Hr tans contain a high concentration of the active ingredient DHA, “the bit that makes you brown”.

Sunless Solutions RAPID can be used for light, medium and olive skin tones. Spray your tan, leave for 1 hour to achieve a light tan, 2 hours for a medium tan, 3 hours for a deep intense tan. Once you have washed off the colour guide, you can carry on with your day or night and within 8 hours your Sunless Solutions Rapid tan has fully developed – WHEN YOU WASH OFF THE COLOUR GUIDE/BRONZER YOU MAY NOT HAVE A COLOUR OR A VERY SLIGHT COLOUR IT WILL NOT FULLY DEVELOP FOR UP TO 8 HOURS – Just wanted to repeat this again!

Rapid Tan Contains natural Aloe Vera to moisturise and nourish skin, Paraben free and Fragranced with our a very light Musk. Rapid tan is designed so that you can wash off the colour guide in 60 minutes – you must allow 8 hours for the colour to fully develop. The Rapid Tan Solution comes in 1 Litre Size Only.


  • No need to wait to the evening for your spray tan appointment

  • No need to sleep in your spray tan overnight

  • No worry of palms touching your body during the night – saying goodbye to stained palms!

  • No Stained Sheets

  • No stickiness

  • No rubbing of the guide colour

  • Continue with your day

  • Put your underwear back on

  • Put on your Deodorant

  • Apply your make-up

  • Apply Perfume

  • Go to work

  • Celebrate in the evening

  • Go to the Gym

  • Customise your tan by leaving the guide colour on for up to 3 hours for a deeper, darker result.

Spray It, Wash it, Wear it all in 60 minutes!

For further information on our Rapid Spray Tan Solution Click Here

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