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2 Litre Special offer Spray Tan Solution


Choose any 2 litres for only £66.00, just 33.00 per litre! 


Our Solution will leave your skin with a natural golden tan, Ideal for Fair skin tones. We recommend a development time of 8 hours to maximise the intensity.


SPRAY IT, FAKE IT, LOVE IT wearing a Sunless Solutions, Spray Tan. Spray, leave for up to 8 hours, wash off and love your natural looking sunless tan!


Our tinted DHA solution is a superior tanning product developed using the latest technology to promote a first colour and a subsequent flawless natural looking tan. Together with DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) our solution contains Erythrulose which extends the life of a sunless tan, helps to combat the ‘orange tone’ associated with some sunless tanners and helps to create a dark uniform and natural looking tan without the undesired streaks!


Our solution is blended with Aloe Vera which helps to moisturise the skin, as DHA can cause a slight drying effect. The green and white tea extracts add elasticity and create a sheen effect to the skin. Fragranced with Lemongrass which is fresh and zesty – and is loved by both male and female clients.


Size: 2 x 1000ml

2 x Litres Spray Tan Solution


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